This site is dedicated to delivering information to the public about creating an Emergency Services District(ESD) #3. 
          The date has been set for an election to be held on May 11, 2013 to approve the Emergency Service District 3 at a  public hearing held on February 11, 2013.  We would like to thank County Judge Dennis Simons, Commissioner Johnny Belicek, Commissioner Larry Deyton, Commissioner Wayne Hunt and Commissioner Wayne Bubela for your time and efforts in determining that the people of the proposed district should have a voice in the creation of ESD 3.   We would also like to thanks the residence of the EISD area that showed their support and voiced their opinions at this hearing. 
          A petition was presented to Jackson County Commissioners Court in November’s regular meeting. County Judge Dennis Simons received the certified petition and said it contained the minimum required 100 signatures on the December 10 Jackson County Commissioners’ Court meeting. 362 signatures were received during the two weeks the petition was circulated from registered voters within the EISD area. 
           There are currently 2 ESD’s within Jackson County.  ESD 1 which was established around 1979 has a service area of the metes and bounds of the Industrial Independent School District and ESD 2 which was established around 2005 has a service area of the metes and bounds of the Palacios Independent School District.
           The City of Edna Fire Department, which is a combination department that consists of career and volunteer firemen, currently operates with 7 full time employees, which are cross trained firefighter/medics commissioned through the Texas Commission of Fire Protection and certified through the Department of State Health Services and a roster of volunteers.  They are staffed around the clock with 2 Firefighter/Medics who respond to any emergency whether it be fire, medical, rescue or hazardous material incidents.  The Fire Department also houses their own billing department which is staffed by a full time employee.
             The City of Edna began providing a paid Fire Department in 1990.  In the last 22 years, they’ve been able to provide Fire and EMS services at a reduced cost to the taxpayer due to the EMS revenue of over $300,000 a year.  This revenue helps to offset the deficit of the Commissioned Fire Department, which is only funded by the City of Edna, grants and donations. As a resident of an Emergency Services District you will be assured that the current services of the City of Edna will not be halt due to lack of funding. The Emergency Services District will enhance public safety, aid in conservation of rural property and natural resources within its boundary.”  
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